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New Manhattan/The Web Space Never Sleeps

With your help, I’m going to build New Manhattan: one big artwork that consists of several small artworks. It is a 3D-printed scale model of a fictional city based on the architecture of 100 web pages. And at the same time it’s a moment to pause at our digitized society that we have designed ourselves.

Check out the video and project page at Voordekunst. They are in Dutch only, so you may have to use a bit of Google Translate.

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Internetosphere 0.9

This post is about the progress of my project called ”Crypto_Design”

The main idea was to create a web interface to represent how work internet, and to have a total vision of the various respective layers of the internet. What we can call the Internetosphere. This website aim to have an interactivity with the visitor. The interface will be divided in two part. The first part will be the representation of internet itself. And the second part will explain my research process with texts, photographs and graphic statistics.


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Web Spaces – 3D Printed Web Pages

Web Spaces – 3D Printed Web Pages is a project I’ve been working on during the Summer Sessions 2016 residency. There’s a nice article about it on the V2_ webpage which introduces the project like this:

Jip de Beer’s Web Spaces is an ongoing investigation into the structure of web pages. How can three dimensional beings, like you and me, explore the virtual landscape of web pages? By rendering the building blocks of a web page in three dimensions, the architecture beneath its surface is revealed.

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