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#theWorldIsMadeOutOfLanguage – FingerprintScapes_1


just received a 5v Fingerprint scanner – TTL GT-511C3 by Sparkfun from floris.cc.

The idea is that I could use it to generate landscape shapes(1) (or other digital stuff) to create a 3d milieu (that you could also maybe later “walk” around in), to see how that could be.

This is the first exploration in in #theWorldIsMadeOutOfPeople (explained here), and also fills the purpose of giving me a reason to engage with interfacing electronics.

/* 1) Initially I imagined it to look somehow like that Joy Division t-shirt that everybody has in terms of general aesthetics, although this might change once I have a look at the data */

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Soular – a Neurofeedback Lamp

Soular is a neurofeedback lamp that allows you to get a deeper insight of your attention levels, as they are visualised with light and sound. The concept of this lamp is based on biofeedback: the gaining of information and awareness of unconscious physiological changes in order to learn to influence them at will.

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