#theWorldIsMadeOutOfLanguage – FingerprintScapes_1


just received a 5v Fingerprint scanner – TTL GT-511C3 by Sparkfun from floris.cc.

The idea is that I could use it to generate landscape shapes(1) (or other digital stuff) to create a 3d milieu (that you could also maybe later “walk” around in), to see how that could be.

This is the first exploration in in #theWorldIsMadeOutOfPeople (explained here), and also fills the purpose of giving me a reason to engage with interfacing electronics.

/* 1) Initially I imagined it to look somehow like that Joy Division t-shirt that everybody has in terms of general aesthetics, although this might change once I have a look at the data */

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“The Critical Engineer notes that written code expands into social and psychological realms, regulating behaviour between people and the machines they interact with. By understanding this, the Critical Engineer seeks to reconstruct user-constraints and social action through means of digital excavation.”

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