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Hoi ! Ik ben Kevin ! I am a digital child. Since my childhood, I bathe of digital culture. Passionate about art, music, video, games and technology, I currently study master Media, Art, Design & Technology in Hanze university. My research are about how technology can help us to built a better society. Don't hesitate to contact me !

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Aftermovie Moving Futures Groningen

From January 25 to May 20, 2017 the contemporary dance festival Moving Futures travels through the Netherlands. The festival presents the most prominent young artists of the moment connected to the five Dutch dance houses Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost and Random Collision. In different theaters throughout the country the audience gets a peek behind the scenes of a new generation of contemporary dance makers.

The Groningen edition took place on April 8 and 9 in the Grand Theatre.

The End of our History

As part of the workshop Testifying Practices of Art, I’ve made a project in the form of a testimony of my generation. Starting from the fall of the Berlin Wall and what Francis Fukuyama considered the “end of history”, I tried to show the evolution of the hegemonic situation of capitalism and of those detractors.

My Manifesto                                                                          Important dates

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This short is divided in 3 different scenes; first a mountain, second a desert and third an island. The goal is really to play with the duality between the physical and the digital worlds. It aims to loose a bit the spectator’s perception, by the way of, in one hand a realistic 3D environment, and in other hand glitch and sound effects for remind the digital and the “false”. We no longer live only in the physical world but also in the digital world. And it have a strong impact in everyday life. This short is also an esthetic and experimental project.

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Internetosphere 0.9

This post is about the progress of my project called ”Crypto_Design”

The main idea was to create a web interface to represent how work internet, and to have a total vision of the various respective layers of the internet. What we can call the Internetosphere. This website aim to have an interactivity with the visitor. The interface will be divided in two part. The first part will be the representation of internet itself. And the second part will explain my research process with texts, photographs and graphic statistics.


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NOE – A journey into the animal’s soul

In view of the current problematics in terms of ecology and biodiversity around the world, I wanted to ask the question of the place of each life form in the ecosystem. It’s the report between animals and their environment which interest me here. I thus decided to represent the carnal envelope of animals and superimposing the places where they live. The exterior shape is the animal but the interior is made of nature. Their own nature.

NOE is a visible reference to the christian Flood myth, which can be re-appropriate to our time with the mass extinction of many animal species by the human intervention. This project have a poetic vocation, almost mystical, it’s a journey into the animal’s soul.

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