MADtech.me is an independent blog run by master students and graduates from the MA MADtech program at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, The Netherlands.

About the master

What is MADTech (Media, Art, Design & Technology) all about? In a nutshell this is it: artists doing strange things with technology. This means you will embark on a master where anything is possible. You will view and create art in ways you can hardly imagine beforehand. You will carry out experiments, tinkering and playing with technology, ideas and media. You will explore the most outrageous possibilities the combination of art and technology have to offer. Central to this master are your artistic development and attitude towards research. By combining a critical reflective attitude and conceptual skills, you will discover unexpected perspectives, resulting in exciting multimedia works of art.

More info about the master on the Hanze website.

Masters in Media, Art, Design and Technology