Mediafestival Hoofddorp

Web Spaces was part of the Mediafestival exhibition at Galerie De Meerse in Hoofddorp. It’s the same installation I showed at TEC ART in Rotterdam. But this time, there were a lot of young visitors!

Almost 1100 kids from primary and secondary schools in the region have had a tour through the exhibition, led by guides from the Rijksmuseum. They were told about the work, the artists and their intentions. Additionally there were activities for the young visitors, related to the artworks. For example the activity in relation to my golden Web Space was for each kid to make a monument with clay, from their own favourite web page, and to decide how much their ‘treasure’ was worth and why. And I was told that in general the pupils really appreciated the not always accessible work (like my work, since it can appear very abstract). So that’s good news 🙂

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit this exhibition myself, because I was too busy with my crowdfunding project New Mahattan. It’s a pity because I would have liked to see the other works in the exhibition by Floris Kaayk, Evan Roth, Jip van Leeuwenstein, Astrid Bink, Edwin Dertien, Leonard van Munster, Arthur Boer/ Boris Smeenk and Louise te Poele.

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Jip de Beer, initiator of, is an artist who operates on the intersection of art and computer science. He's fascinated by automation and attempts to optimize his artistic work(flow) with programming. His work usually involves a Web Browser and tends to be generative, interactive and strongly visual. In his daily life, Jip tries to have a positive influence on the world by living a vegan lifestyle.

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