Studio Visit Jan Klug

Studio Visit Jan Klug

I was telling about my struggle to focus, made a planning and separate write/make.

Jan: Specific writing moments help indeed. But will such long times of writing be useful? Don’t you need quicker iterations? Just see what works.

I was telling about all the different aspects of me, and not knowing where to focus on: artistic, technical, personal, etc etc.

Jan: Cartesian split. Everything is a complex whole, not separate. Very interlinked with the same drive.

I was telling about my graduation plan, about transitioning from a textual/analytical form to a more bodily/experience/ form.

Jan: Sounds promising. This theme seems not only to be recurring in this concept but also in the instruments you make: you don’t need to learn a complex technology or interface >> “being there is enough”. It would be strong if your message is not only understandable in textual form, but also really to be experienced, without the need for text. Interesting concept for transferring to state of being: Transcedent Mediation.

Reading tip: Curtis Roads – Composing Electronic Music & Strange Sounds

Thesis tips:

  • Could use DevonThink for structuring thoughts, documents, etc.
  • Could use Scrivener for writing in a non-linear way.
  • Thesis as blog: everything public ok? Maybe sometimes you want to write without filter?
  • Writing a thesis as website/blog could be interesting for entangling textual thoughts etc. more and more with experience and other mediums.
  • Different topics/messages should be expressed in their most efficient ways. Some are best in text, some better in video, some better in experience. Use what’s best, or combinations.

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