Performance @ Sounds of Music festival

On November 8th 2017 I performed a set of half an hour at Grand Theatre, as part of Sounds of Music festival. First I started with Iets Paars with Desta Matla, then I continued with my own music.

However, afterwards I had a bad feeling about this performance for many reasons. It all started being ill. I caught the flu two days before the performance and my voice suffered from it as well. And I started worrying a lot about it. So I didn’t only feel sick, I was also super stressed out, which really didn’t help. Also on the day of the performance I felt like lying in bed. But I wanted to do the performance anyway, so with this ill and stressed out vibe I started setting up. What then happened in short: I communicated badly with the organisation of the festival, I forgot many things, made bad decisions and carried a negative energy with me. And because of all this, I didn’t even feel like performing. And I think this was audible in my music (together with my weak sick voice).

At first my performance felt like a big failure, and it felt bad. But after a while I started to see a positive side in it. This event made create a list of discovered pitfalls. And I know now that I will try to never do these things again, for my own and my audience’s sake 🙂

  • Thinking I can do way too many things myself, not asking for help
  • Not listening to my body telling me it’s sick
  • Having a way too technical setup
  • Not timing my performance, and going way beyond the time limit
  • Shifting my gear, even though it doesn’t feel good and it’s risky
  • Physically tiring myself the whole day, so that I’m exhausted at my performance
  • Not remembering the sound check settings, or having a sound guy do that for me
  • Not taking more time to prepare in the space
  • Combining a performance with Desta with my own music (it doesn’t go well together)

Published by Kayleigh Beard

Kayleigh sings, performs, and makes her own digital instruments. With deep bass, beats, synths, and spacious vocals, she creates melancholic electronic music. To find serenity in today's overwhelming world.

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