Winner SBK Young Sprouts Award

Quoting my girlfriend: “It’s quite a an honour that you’ve won this award, because there’s a lot of impressive work in this exhibition! And I agree with that. The SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2017 exhibition is a diverse and interesting selection of 50 graduates from the Dutch art academies. What set me apart in this show according to the jury is the fact that I’m showing a lot, using different media: print, 3D print, screen based interactive installation and text. This is to ensure the whole story and research behind Web Spaces comes across. To make my world more accessible for the audience. Also, I was complimented for being able to talk ‘deliciously’ about what I’m doing and for making work capturing the Zeitgeist.

Participating artists:

Karim Adduchi – Gunhild Ang -Mo Arab -Nathaniël Bagijn- Jip de Beer -Babs Bleeker Barbara Boers- Lieuwe Bouwman- Stefan Cammeraat- Iris Claessens- Kim Dijkstra- Lisa Eksteen-Inge van Genuchten -Roselien Hassing -Maaike Hermse- Koen Kloosterhuis- Yara de Kok – Thomas Kooijmans -Eva Kreuger -Einar Limi -Leonie van der Linden -Nina Markkula- Nathalie Mannaerts- Geray Mena -Tommy de Moor -Frank Niessen -Romee van Oers- Tessa van Rijn- Lieve Rutte- Max Schulze- Manju Sharma- Bruno Slagboom Emma Smids -Kateryna Snizhko- Jef Stapel -Edmond Steinbusch -Charlotte Steunebrink Akycha Tegelaar- Christian Thomsen -Huub Vlemmings- Liza van Vliet -Timothy Voges Esmay Wagemans -Thomas Westphal -Johnny Theodorus Wiekhart- Amanda van Wijk Mathilde van Wijnen -Alexander Zaklynsky.

Be sure to check out the show and the work from all the artists above, it’s still on until this Sunday. So a few more days to go 🙂 There are some more pictures on the SBK website and on Facebook. Right now I’ll install my work at MU in Eindhoven for the Materialising the Internet exhibition, which is also part of the Dutch Design Week program.


Published by Jip de Beer

Jip de Beer, initiator of, is an artist who operates on the intersection of art and computer science. He's fascinated by automation and attempts to optimize his artistic work(flow) with programming. His work usually involves a Web Browser and tends to be generative, interactive and strongly visual. In his daily life, Jip tries to have a positive influence on the world by living a vegan lifestyle.

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