Helping Richard Bolhuis with Performance

Helping Richard Bolhuis with building up his performance in a church

Today I joined Richard’s team to help with his performance and see and learn from how he does things. I find his work and vision very inspiring, so I thought it could be valuable to see his ways of working.

Every year a performance by Richard is organised in a church in a small village called Oostum. It is a magical place, very beautiful, in the countryside, with a very small church.

On this particular evening he would be playing music with his violinist, and before that there is a sound installation. I helped setting up the sound installation, and the light.

I had a very warm feeling that day. He has a very friendly group of friends helping him out, and we had dinner together at the church’s neighbours during a beautiful sunset. The whole vibe of the evening was so calming and friendly. Also the church itself had this energy. I think their energies, together with the choice of this lovely place, plays a big role in the energy of the performance. I started to see how important it is to think about what environment suits the music and the energy I want to bring across… But also the fact that they took the whole day to prepare calmly, is really beneficial to the energy of the final performance.

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