Photo showing Web Spaces at Ars Electronica

Web Spaces @ Ars Electronica & GOGBOT, soon exhibited in a gallery near you!

This September I’ve exhibited Web Spaces internationally at Ars Electronica. Due to insurance reasons I wasn’t able to exhibit the precious metal Web Space of Google or Facebook, but I did show some colourful PLA prints. During the festival I’ve also seen quite some people successfully and enthusiastically interact with the Web Spaces interactive installation. I’m always glad when people are able to overcome the initial obstacle of the gamepad, because not everyone is familiar with this interface. I also had my interactive installation up and running at the GOGBOT festival because I received a nomination for the BLINK Youngblood Award. Unfortunately both events were on exactly the same days so I couldn’t personally attend both. Therefore, only pictures from the setup at Ars Electronica:

In case you missed the Web Spaces in Gold, or you haven’t seen my work yet, you’ll soon have quite a few chances to spot it in real life. First up is the SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2017 show in Amsterdam from 28 September until 8 October 2017. Up next is the Materialising the Internet group show in MU artspace in Eindhoven, curated by Nadine Roestenburg. I’m really excited about this one because the theme perfectly fits my latest work & research and I’d love to see it surrounded by work from all the other artists. This one will last from 6 October to 12 November 2017 and is included in the Dutch Design Week lineup. And then closer to where I live, there’ll be a group show in SIGN gallery from 26 November to  23 December 2017 as well as an appearance at the Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden as a nominee for the Young Masters Award in december. More details soon and hope to see you there!


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