Performance @ Taribush Kuna festival

Below are some videos of my 40 minute performance at Taribush Kuna festival:

It was a wonderful and cute festival in nature, and I felt like the vibe of it matches my music.

I never really performed my music outdoors, so during my preparations I was quite nervous about how my sound would turn out. Especially because I invited a lot of people.

When I arrived, there was no subwoofer, even though I checked beforehand if my stage would be suitable for bass heavy music like mine. After trying and trying, I finally got my subwoofer. But the sound checking was partly done without the subwoofer. So when my performance started, everyone was blown away by a sudden booming bass. Even me, I was startled. I should have done more sound checking with the subwoofer and make sure the subwoofer was adjusted properly. First no bass, then overwhelming bass. Lesson learned: be careful what you wish for… 😉 And sound check more carefully.

During my performance I had difficulties hearing myself (due to the loud bass?), so it wasn’t my best performance, but I was overall satisfied. Afterwards a group of people came to me, touched by the music, and wanted my contact details. I felt funny spreading my freshly made business cards like crazy 😉

The back of my business card, which I made especially for this performance (and future ones of course)

One girl: “I was somewhere else on the festival and then I heard a reverberating voice and a deep bass somewhere in the distance, and I thought, I need to go there!” So maybe this overwhelming bass did something good? 🙂

Oh and the great thing about performing on this festival: instant holiday. Our tent was set up, and right after my performance, we enjoyed the 3-day festival and the lovely holiday/campsite vibes… 🙂

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