Performance @The World We Live In, Conservatory

During the event The World We Live In, in the Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen on May 20, I performed a 30 minute set with the songs:

  • Mutations
  • A Stranger’s Shadow
  • My Hunters Lead the Way
  • Human Dissonance
  • Beyond the Puddle

What I learned:

  • When I was practicing for this performance I started to think: “hmmm, I don’t like Mutations as much as I did before”. But the moment when I started to practice this song again with the visuals with the eyes (like here), I realised again how much stronger such visuals can make the song. And I really liked the song again. For this reason, and because I was showing only visuals for one song, I wanted to experiment more with visuals for my next performances.
  • Before each song I told my audience a little about the idea behind the upcoming song. I think it’s nice to place the audience into a bit of a context before they hear my music that they might not understand the lyrics from.
  • I am maturing in performing. I realised this myself, but people around me as well. I feel more strong on the stage, more secure, I feel like I can go all out with expressing my music. Maybe this feeling could also have been there, because my performance was so distinctly different from the other performances. The other performances where in the daylight and almost acoustic. My performance started in darkness, began with flickering images and deep basses. I set an atmosphere. People were quite amazed, but would have liked to see more visuals like the first song. Lesson learned: more performing to get even more mature + more visuals.
  • Some people were asking for my CD and my contact details. I need a CD & ‘business’ cards.
  • Some people said my music reminded them of Enya and Aurora, which is a really nice surprise, because I admire both artists a lot.

Video coming soon.


Published by Kayleigh Beard

Kayleigh sings, performs, and makes her own digital instruments. With deep bass, beats, synths, and spacious vocals, she creates melancholic electronic music. To find serenity in today's overwhelming world.

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