Absence Of Paths

Today launched the “The Absence Of Paths”- The Tunisian national pavilion for this year’s Venice Biennale- which I am happy and proud to contribute to, as it brings the much needed discussion concerning bordering and freedom of movement into the highly nationalised context of the biennale.
Check it out!

Those interested can find my contributions here:
http://www.theabsenceofpaths.com/commission/entangled (Video)
http://www.theabsenceofpaths.com/com…/cohabiting-uncertainty (Essay)

The Absence of Paths
is Tunisia’s first national pavilion at the Arte Biennale di Venezia since 1958. Technological advancements, increased education, and a burgeoning global economy have facilitated the movement of people across the globe in the past sixty years. But as the world becomes increasingly physically accessible, human migration, in turn, has become increasingly policed, rendering movement absurd.
Divisive rhetoric centered on exclusion, on borders and walls, is worryingly translating into action and is now considered normal.
This recent wave of activity may have found its origin in the inspired actions of one lone Tunisian man, whose self-immolation sparked a ‘Spring’ of protests across the Arab World. The ensuing humanitarian crisis has, in turn, become a limit case that is testing our investment in human rights, if not the terms of our investment in humanity itself. It is the migratory manifestation of this crisis, and the resulting reevaluation of our collective humanity, that is at the heart of the Tunisian national pavilion.
The conversation on migration begins at the physical pavilion in Venice, a collection of three kiosks, where a performance piece exploring the cold mechanics of immigration bureaucracy repurposed for an imagined world free of borders will take place. The discussion extends to this online platform, where you will find a collection of artistic and academic expression on the concept of migration. We invite you to visit the VENICE and ONLINE PLATFORM pages to learn more.


Screenshots from ‘Entangled’
Commissioned by the Absence of Paths

Published by Hannes Andersson (Lhynkx)

Hannes Andersson is an artist, filmmaker and researcher, born in Gothenburg (Sweden) and currently based in the Netherlands where he is undertaking a MFA in Media, Art, Design and Technology at the Frank Mohr Institute, Minerva Art Academy. Hannes is co-founder of the art collective Chinos International CC, director and co-founder of the independent film group Andersson Rodriguez Films. His artistic work focuses on the relationships between humanity, technology culture and narrative.

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