Description of my music and songs

Description of my music and songs

– What makes your music / band special?

“I stumbled upon your wilderness
All of a sudden
Immersed by all your elements
While surrounded by flora and cleaned by your falls
There you are

Rainforest light my spirit on fire
Let me follow your wavelengths” (part of the lyrics of my song “Rainforest Light”)

My music is a unique combination of dreamy atmospheric folk and electronic pop music. I’m a “one-man band” / singer songwriter, so I’m alone on stage, singing and guiding myself with my MIDI instruments. As a master student Media, Art, Design & Technology at the art academy in Groningen I combine my passion for music with the broad potential of technology. Technology can be something very “cold”, but I always look for the human factor, the feeling.



– How do you describe your music?

As seen in my above lyrics, I often get inspiration from nature. My music has a spiritual tone. In addition, I often get in response that my music transfers a load of calmness.

My music can be described as quiet synths, reverbing vocals, natural sounds, atmospheric, dreamy, lyrics inspired by nature, spiritual.

I am inspired by artists like Aurora, Eefje de Visser, London Grammar, Agnes Obel, Susanne Sundfor, Vaults, as well as non-western music such as Indian music. People regularly associate my music with Björk, Enya and Aurora.

– How do you describe your songs?

  1. Mutations – about how we humans tend to stick to our primitive needs, but in order to make the world a better place, we should “trust in our mutations”
  2. Human Dissonance – about how we humans tend to do things that we deep down actually don’t want to do, because we know how destructive it is, and this inner battle is a form of cognitive dissonance
  3. My Hunters Lead the Way – about how we sometimes can feel hunted by society, and that his hunt makes us choose the paths we take in life
  4. A Stranger’s Shadow – about feeling human v.s. seeing perfection
  5. Beyond the Puddle – about the rising popularity of authenticity and self-exploration, and how taking this beautiful ideal too far can cause us to become locked up in our own hearts, and care less about causes beyond the self, beyond the water puddle in which you see your own reflection

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