Domey Dreams

Today I built a small dome out of paper. I think this was triggered by seeing the work-in-progress of Annie Dorsen in the Grand Theatre Groningen. Even though I didn’t completely relate to her storyline and projections, the experience of lying inside there and being immersed by the projections made me enthusiastic.

I wanted to figure out what my projections look like in a dome like that. I thought maybe I could build it out of cardboard, a lot bigger, so that people can lie in it and be immersed by the projections that belong to my music. For example, for the footage I had an idea to film a person lying on a green screen and taking several poses. Then I would play with the background of the footage and display it in the dome. The movement of person in the footage laying there (or floating in the dome) would be influenced by the music. But this has several (technical) challenges. This is my first experiment with it just to get the first idea on how easy it is to construct a dome, and get a glimpse of what it would be like to do one of my projections in it.

I am not so sure if I will really work this idea out in the (near) future, since I think this projects would require a lot of attention and time, and currently I am still busy with composing music and the collaboration project I’m working on with the conservatory (NAIP).

(Technical) challenges and topics for investigation:

  • Would filming someone lying so close on a green screen result in footage in which I can play with the background?
  • What would the effect be like to see someone floating above you in a dome?
  • It would be nice to make a semi-transparent dome and to project from above (to make it easier to project, and then you don’t need an object (projector) inside the dome).
  • What would the experience be like when lying down and hearing music and seeing these kinds of images?

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