The End of our History

As part of the workshop Testifying Practices of Art, I’ve made a project in the form of a testimony of my generation. Starting from the fall of the Berlin Wall and what Francis Fukuyama considered the “end of history”, I tried to show the evolution of the hegemonic situation of capitalism and of those detractors.

My Manifesto                                                                          Important dates

Video projection loop, color, Dolby Digital, HD 1080i 29,97, 5m21

Published by Kevin Perrin

Hoi ! Ik ben Kevin ! I am a digital child. Since my childhood, I bathe of digital culture. Passionate about art, music, video, games and technology, I currently study master Media, Art, Design & Technology in Hanze university. My research are about how technology can help us to built a better society. Don't hesitate to contact me !

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