Inspired by Richard Bolhuis @ Synagoge, Groningen

Inspired by Richard Bolhuis @ Synagoge, Groningen

I really liked Carol Anne McGowan’s easy-going and quiet stage presence.

I felt a lot of similarities in the atmosphere of his music: dreamy, atmospherical, easy-going. I really liked the style. It was beautiful. But also I felt a lot of similarities in the position Richard Bolhuis is in. He is a musician, but he floats in between the traditional art world an the traditional music world. And I also feel like that, which confuses me, my audience and my ‘feedback-givers’ sometimes. Would be nice to speak to him, and maybe get some advice about his artistic path…

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What am I doing?!

On March 22 I did a presentation about my progress so far. First I gave an overview of what I have been doing the last couple of months, which was very much based on all the previous blog posts on my page.

And just like I said in my most recent blogpost about my live performance set at FMI, this performance did a lot to me and made me really think about why I am doing the things I do. I asked myself questions like: Continue reading What am I doing?!

Live Music Set @ Frank Mohr Institute

During my last WhatMatters session I was encouraged to perform more frequently. In this way I can try and experiment with things that feel right to me in my music making. I also thought it was about time to start performing more for audiences outside of the Frank Mohr institute. Besides, for a while Jip and I wanted to organise a vegan potluck event (everyone brings in food and we share it all together). We thought it was an excellent opportunity to combine these two events and this is how I gathered an audience of vegan students for my performance last Wednesday.

But during the preparations I suddenly didn’t feel comfortable anymore about this performance. First of all, I received the comment from people who know my music: “your music is not suitable as some dinner background tunes.” Moreover, the setting was a bit strange, because my audience was attending because of the dinner, not necessarily because of the music. I started feeling really awkward because of this. But I told myself it would be a good opportunity to practice regularly and try out a new thing for me:

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The End of our History

As part of the workshop Testifying Practices of Art, I’ve made a project in the form of a testimony of my generation. Starting from the fall of the Berlin Wall and what Francis Fukuyama considered the “end of history”, I tried to show the evolution of the hegemonic situation of capitalism and of those detractors.

My Manifesto                                                                          Important dates

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