Studio Sessions “Human Dissonance” & “My Hunters Lead the Way”

Thanks to many studio visits this week I had the insight that I want to work differently with my music. I want to focus more on the ideas, the composition process and performance. I have spent a long time polishing  my latest song “Rainforest Light”.  The idea and the creative process of composing the song didn’t take that long, but the mixing and mastering took ages. And mixing is not even my specialty, so the result is definitely not perfect. And what does it give me? Less time for the real thing (the creative process)? Less time/energy to experiment? I like the music to be of high quality, but that could also be a step to take in a later stage, or with people with more knowledge about mixing and mastering. My energy and artistic quality lies in the idea, the composition and performing of my music, mixing and mastering is needed a little bit, but should definitely not have the focus. It can be really frustrating and can kill the idea (at moments when I’m being so perfectionist that I listen to my music 10000 times and get sick of it!). So from now on I will be showing more of my composition and performing. These videos are a basic example of something like that (but a shame that you cannot see what’s happening, because I am right in front of the music devices I use). From now on I will record my music in a much more basic state, and even when the song isn’t completely finished, like this one. I will also play more with the location, performance possibilities and improvisation.

Words of “My Hunters Lead the Way”

My hunters lead the way

Winding the roads and making me choose the path that I need to take

Chase me

And my heartbeat goes louder and louder…

Words of “Human Dissonance”

Hey human

Is there a little dissonancy creeping up your spine?

Is it tingling? Is it annoying? Does it hurt you?

What do you want? Humane slaughter?

What do you want? Cruel compassion?

Hey human

Are you blocking all the information coming from your heart

Trying to soothe the dissonancy, make it go…

What is your wisdom

What is your action

What do you want? Humane slaughter?

What do you want? Cruel compassion?

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