Album Artwork of Rainforest Light

Rainforest Light

This is a new song I’ve written and worked on the last couple of months.


I stumbled upon your wilderness
All of a sudden immersed by all your elements
While surrounded by flora and cleaned by your falls
There you are

Rainforest light my spirit on fire
Let me follow your wavelengths

Strike me with your kindness
I was abruptly controlled by your energy
As I lay on your earth while your bright colours flicker
There you are

Rainforest light my spirit on fire
Let me follow your wavelengths

I am satisfied with the result, but not with the process behind it. I have worked on this song for a long time, and tried to make it perfect, but it doesn’t feel like those last perfectionistic adjustments¬† have improved the song much. I have learned a lot, but it also took me very long. Instead, I would like to work a lot more iteratively, finish things quicker and improve while the results get a little better every time. For me, this is going to be challenging though.

I also created the song’s cover art. I never really do this, but when you publish the song on websites such as soundcloud or bandcamp, you need to add a picture to the song. So then I felt the question coming up in me: should I do this visual work or should I only focus on ‘known areas’ such as my music? Maybe I still don’t know the answer, but for now I wanted to try, because it seemed fun and experimenting is important. Besides, for now I felt like the only person who knows what message to convey with the song and thus the visual art as well…

I have performed this song during my feedback session of which you can find the notes here.



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