Internetosphere 0.9

This post is about the progress of my project called ”Crypto_Design”

The main idea was to create a web interface to represent how work internet, and to have a total vision of the various respective layers of the internet. What we can call the Internetosphere. This website aim to have an interactivity with the visitor. The interface will be divided in two part. The first part will be the representation of internet itself. And the second part will explain my research process with texts, photographs and graphic statistics.


So, the first idea was to connect all layers of the web that may seem distant from each other but are in reality a single set. So here’s a totally basic representation (not to scale) of the Indexed Web, the Indexable Web, the Deep Web and the Dark Webs.


Based on this color representation, I’ve create several graphic statistics to explain exactly how work the Internet and how it is divided.

The goal is to create more of this kind of statistics and to make them interactive. The website experience has to be as enjoyable as possible.

Otherwise, I was thinking about represent the entire Internet as a huge tree. The metaphor wasn’t choose randomly. We normally see some internet representation as an iceberg, with the top part visible and the rest (the biggest part) invisible, under water. The tree has this duality too. The branches on the top are visible and the roots underground not. Plus, the trunk of the tree represent the Data-Base part of internet, which is connected the surface web and the deep web. Finally the tree is expanding and growing, exactly like the universe, … or the internet.


Starting from this representation I’ve classified the different level of the web. I somehow cut the tree in different slices, for a better understanding. I find 7 separate slices, themselves divided in 4 groups, from the top (Google or Facebook websites) to the bottom (hackers / dissidents or drug / terrorist websites) of the internet.


Basically, the idea is that each point represent a website, and this website is connected with others website (others points) to create the full internet. But this representation is just a draft, I wanted it more dense and less flat, in 3D in fact. From here, the visitor will be able to click on the different zones to have specific information and tools.

Finally, and it’s here I’ve stopped, I wanted the 3D tree will be animated just a little. The idea is that the tree look full of life and growing in live. This is the first test bellow.

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