NOE – A journey into the animal’s soul

In view of the current problematics in terms of ecology and biodiversity around the world, I wanted to ask the question of the place of each life form in the ecosystem. It’s the report between animals and their environment which interest me here. I thus decided to represent the carnal envelope of animals and superimposing the places where they live. The exterior shape is the animal but the interior is made of nature. Their own nature.

NOE is a visible reference to the christian Flood myth, which can be re-appropriate to our time with the mass extinction of many animal species by the human intervention. This project have a poetic vocation, almost mystical, it’s a journey into the animal’s soul.

Published by Kevin Perrin

Hoi ! Ik ben Kevin ! I am a digital child. Since my childhood, I bathe of digital culture. Passionate about art, music, video, games and technology, I currently study master Media, Art, Design & Technology in Hanze university. My research are about how technology can help us to built a better society. Don't hesitate to contact me !

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