po[e]litics from the anthropocene

‘Po[e]litics from the Anthropocene’ is an ongoing trans-medial
investigation into the zeitgeist of contemporaneity and the socio-

political implications of recent technological developments. It
is an umbrella for a series of works produced according to
a logic of form reflecting content engaging with topics such
as: Syntheism, Globalization, Post-Fordianism, DIY culture and
Making, Informationalism, Networkism, Web 2.0, Social Media
and the Attention Economy, the logic of innovation and the “soft
tyranny” of Interactive Media.
The primary purpose of the project is provoke dialogue and
inspire critical feeling, through posing relevant philosophical
questions regarding the situation that we (humans) currently
find ourselves in, as well as to develop a form of expression
that is suitable for doing so.

Published by Hannes Andersson (Lhynkx)

Hannes Andersson is an artist, filmmaker and researcher, born in Gothenburg (Sweden) and currently based in the Netherlands where he is undertaking a MFA in Media, Art, Design and Technology at the Frank Mohr Institute, Minerva Art Academy. Hannes is co-founder of the art collective Chinos International CC, director and co-founder of the independent film group Andersson Rodriguez Films. His artistic work focuses on the relationships between humanity, technology culture and narrative.

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