NOE – A journey into the animal’s soul

In view of the current problematics in terms of ecology and biodiversity around the world, I wanted to ask the question of the place of each life form in the ecosystem. It’s the report between animals and their environment which interest me here. I thus decided to represent the carnal envelope of animals and superimposing the places where they live. The exterior shape is the animal but the interior is made of nature. Their own nature.

NOE is a visible reference to the christian Flood myth, which can be re-appropriate to our time with the mass extinction of many animal species by the human intervention. This project have a poetic vocation, almost mystical, it’s a journey into the animal’s soul.

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Some artists create expressly temporal and ephemeral work. Performances which can not be photographed, filmed or even where no sound may be recorded are quite common. Other artists record their work diligently. On of them is Gordon Matta-Clark. He made pictures, videos, and even panoramic collages of the buildings he mathematically pierced. With the explicit intention to preserve the spatial work, he took photographs from all angles in the buildings condemned to demolition. However, does a photo do a spacial installation justice? If these flat pictures really preserve the original art experience, can I squeeze that spaciousness again?


Trying out projector @ Museumplein Drachten

I’ve been asked by Museum Dr8888 to make an interactive light installation for the Museumplein in Drachten. It will run every evening, for three months, starting mid October.

Yesterday evening I started to experiment with what’s available: a 4x5m floor projection, a top mounted camera and a computer running AdVis 2.1 software.

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theBook (ongoingProgress)


The book is made with the purpose of documenting my work and making implicit my thinking as well as artistic process. It is version 0.2 of a book that might never be finished, as it –much like the process that it documents – will be subject to constant revision.
It also serves as a conceptualizing framework for what I refer to as Po[e]litics, and for the artistic research project ‘Po[e]litics from the Anthropocene’. Po[e]litics can be thought of as a Portable Philosophy Format, a .ppf with variable compression.
Po[e]litics sometimes takes the form of annotated poetry (illustrated for example in ‘Oedipus Reaches Maturity’ (below)), but it is not example_annotatedpoetrysolely a concept relating to the written word, but rather an aesthetic container for mixed media hyper-narratives, which can be read in any order as well as on various levels of depth. It is an attempt at constructing a language capable of addressing the complexities of contemporaneity: A trans-medial language appropriate of the anthropocene; A language for the networked human.

The book is available for download/reading here
I make it available like this because I believe strongly in the sharing of information, it is however a work intended to be experienced as a printed book (and it does in fact work much better in that format), so if you would like one drop me an email and I can send you one for the price of the printing cost.

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Sun 2.0 (Orbit light festival)

The project for the Orbit light festival was a collaboration with Hannes Anderson and Romy Kuldip Singh. The project is part of a story about Groningen in some future era, in this future we imagined that natural sunlight was blocked by some reason. For the people, to get sunlight in this era, special buildings have been created with an artificial sun inside. These buildings, or “temples”, were made by people who started to worship the sun.

So the “temple” we created, would need a shrine where one could kneel before the sun and receive its light. The fact that it was an artificial sun, it would need a power source as well. Due to its great importance we positioned the source in the center of the “temple”.

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