Random Vegan Comic – Google Chrome Extension

I wasn’t incredibly happy with how my previous Google Chrome extension turned out, so on the same day I made Random Vegan Comic. With the plugin installed a random comic made by Vegan Sidekick will be added to about 20% of the pages you visit. It’s inserted right after the longest paragraph on the page, and … Continue reading Random Vegan Comic – Google Chrome Extension

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Brainwash Yourself – Google Chrome Extension

Have you ever heard that story about subconscious Coca Cola advertising in the cinema? Well, if you haven’t here’s a bit of text quoted from Businessinsider.com: The birth of subliminal advertising as we know it dates to 1957 when a market researcher named James Vicary inserted the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” into a movie. The … Continue reading Brainwash Yourself – Google Chrome Extension

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Rapping.Reviews has been released!

It’s almost 4 weeks since I released my Rapping.Reviews project. After about a year of hard work, crazy rap auditions and a long search for affordable and performant managed WordPress hosting the website is finally live. Check out the trailer! Rapping.Reviews automatically analyzes the reviews from Movies and TV Series and presents them in the form of … Continue reading Rapping.Reviews has been released!

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Thoughts on Passibility, Interactivity and the Potential of Computer Art

Passibility is defined by Lyotard (1992) as a state of subjective sensation: “It is a capacity or awareness, a receptivity for experience that does not pre-calculate that experience, but receives it as a donation” (Van de Vall, 2008). I like this term as it encapsulates well the quality of art perceived, something quite difficult to theorise. Why do we appreciate the art that we do?
For example, I was the other day introduced by a fellow student to Mike Stubbs’ work “Granular Synthesis”: a multichannel video piece that displays a woman’s face looping through minute incomplete movements, presented in four screens.


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Friends Season 1 – An Average Episode

I recently read an article about average faces which made me curious about moving average images. How would an average movie of a certain director look like? Or what would the average ‘I love you’ phrase in a movie look AND sound like? While I was thinking about this, somebody told me this has already … Continue reading Friends Season 1 – An Average Episode

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Guitar Bow Piece

This music piece is still in progress. I am trying to create an unreal dreamy / nature ­like music experience. For this piece, I have been experimenting with sampling string sounds by playing on my guitar with a violin bow. Besides, I am also learning and exploring Ableton Live. I posted this piece on blend.io, a platform so that I can share my complete set of Ableton Live project files.