Almost unreal how the organic elements have been cut off…

Almost unreal how the organic elements have been cut off geometrically from each other. Divided by concrete it provides great tension between nature and culture.

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Published by Jorrit van de Waal

Lecturer and artist, curious and interested in all sorts of technology. This is how one could describe Jorrit van de Waal. Born in 1977 in a small village called Wijnjewoude, the Netherlands. Raised in an artistic and educators environment he graduated in 'Art education' specialising in sculpting and photography.  After that he started working at Stenden university of applied science where he is a lecturer at the leisure management bachelor program. Currently participating in the Master of fine arts program 'MADtech' at the Frank Mohr Institute, his work is often raising questions. Where in his early work was made with materials like iron and ceramics and he now adds electronics, trying to challenge the viewer by adding subtle distortions is a common element in his work. 

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