glitch theory


  • A visual glitch is definable by a set of aesthetic characteristics (Moradi, 2004).
  • A visual glitch is a break from a predefined flow (Menkman, 2011).
  • A visual glitch is that which is generated by a ‘glitch technique’.

“Does glitch art need a clause that restricts it from non-electrical modes of production? If so, can we print it? Can we seminate it through society? If your answer is ‘no’, where do you draw the line in the sand? If your answer is ‘yes’, looking like a glitch is not enough, it needs to have the possibility of being a glitch (for whatever that that means).” /Matthew Austin

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FORM REFLECTING CONTENT: A Phenomenological Approach to Phenomenology.

Reflection Paper Written By Hannes Andersson for RAPA: Week 1.


Observing yourself becomes observing yourself observing yourself. A fridge-lightee kind of stack overflow thing. Where does it lead? Where does it end? How many layers of detachment do we need to look at the self from the point of view of the self? When does it become theory? Say we do so we are what? Humans are meaning generating technological animals. Is theory not a technology? Who are we in this context? Use your bias. What kind of epistemology is this? Everything is bias. Documenting it as such seems fitting. Technology itself is a feedback loop. Make machines that make culture that makes self. Is theory with no words still theory? Is there reality without words? Is art inherently a phenomenological approach to life? Art is an anarchical approach to the creation of theory. I am a comment not an answer. Answer is always question as of so far. So far so good it would seem.


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Notes on Phenomenology


any sensation belongs to a certain field
no difference between thinking and perceiving
around what you are looking at exist tons of thing which are not seen
every sensible quality is fully an object only in the context of universal reflection
tactile is not spatial because of its scope (but also sight has limited scope)
sight (senses) also convey material qualities

JasonFarman_Mobile interface theory

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