Welcome to .digitalNaturality, a blog documenting the artistic research and practice of Hannes Andersson during the MFA MADtech @ Frank Mohr Institute, Academi Minerva, Groningen, Netherlands.

Code to projects mentioned here can be found on https://github.com/donuan/digitalNaturality

Other Artistic work by Hannes Andersson can be found on http://handersson.net

Published by Hannes Andersson (Lhynkx)

Hannes Andersson is an artist, filmmaker and researcher, born in Gothenburg (Sweden) and currently based in the Netherlands where he is undertaking a MFA in Media, Art, Design and Technology at the Frank Mohr Institute, Minerva Art Academy. Hannes is co-founder of the art collective Chinos International CC, director and co-founder of the independent film group Andersson Rodriguez Films. His artistic work focuses on the relationships between humanity, technology culture and narrative.