Soular – a Neurofeedback Lamp

Soular is a neurofeedback lamp that allows you to get a deeper insight of your attention levels, as they are visualised with light and sound. The concept of this lamp is based on biofeedback: the gaining of information and awareness of unconscious physiological changes in order to learn to influence them at will.

The more focused you are, the more intense red the lamp will beam, and the more ‘focused’ frequencies you will hear. The more you are distracted, the more the lamp blinks, lose its red, and plays a ‘distracted’ sound. Provided with information like this you can train your attention levels.

Biofeedback or neurofeedback can decrease various mental health problems such as ADHD, depression or stress. But in the future it could also become a new way of communication between people. However, would you feel comfortable with other people “reading” your thoughts?

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